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Since he purely gained his lands from his previous successors, Ujiyasu starts his story being called "the fool of Sagami" by his enemies in Samurai Warriors 3. When the Uesugi troops near Kawagoe refuse to listen to peace talks and taunt Ujiyasu, he uses their confidence against them and rouses his army for a night raid. After he leads a frontal assault on the surprised Uesugi army, he reunites with Tsunashige Hōjō to confront the enemy commander. Shingen and Yoshimoto appear on the field to stop him, but he ultimately succeeds. With his victory, Ujiyasu escalates his reputation. To protect his people, he decides to defeat Yoshimoto in Surugawhile simultaneously driving back his other rivals, Shingen and Kenshin.

Ujiyasu soon becomes one of the main powers in the Kantō region. When Kenshin tries to conquer the area once more, Ujiyasu resists him at Odawara Castle. After Yoshimoto passes away at Okehazama, Shingen attacks the Hōjō. Overly confident in their victory, Ujiyasu's sons assemble in Mimasetōge to prevent Shingen's advance. Their father joins them later in the encounter to make sure that their plan actually succeeds. Thanks to him, they are able to locate the daimyo's true location on the field and claim victory. Following the conflict, Ujiyasu asks Shingen's reasons for going to war and the latter states his ambitions to rule the land. While Ujiyasu scoffs at the vision, he allows his rival to live as Ujiyasu is confident that he, Shingen, and Kenshin can always cancel the other's abilities.

With the trio on equal terms, they decide to unite their strengths to bring peace to Kantō and follow their respective ambitions. Wanting to live beside his people, Ujiyasu is content to guard Kantō in the other two daimyos' absence. Some time after their agreement, Masamune and Ieyasu attempt to invade his home and take it for themselves. As Ujiyasu resists them during the struggle, Kunoichi and Aya appear to his aid and Kantō is defended. Ujiyasu spends his spare time quietly fishing until Kunoichi and Kai arrive with a letter from Shingen. He reads it privately back at the castle, as it informs him that Shingen is now the land's ruler.

In Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Ujiyasu appears in the very first battle, the Siege of Kawagoe Castle, fighting alongside the protagonist. He leads 8,000 men against the army of over 80,000 Uesugi soldiers. Ujiyasu was able to overcome the odds and defeat this massive army, with the protagonist gaining recognition for their ability to fight. He crosses paths with the main character again in the Kantō Campaign, where he is found griping about fighting in the cold winter to drive off the invading Uesugi. He appears as reinforcements in the battle of Oshi Castle and as the leader of resistance in the Conquest of Odawara, offering the final resistance to Hideyoshi's army before his unification. Despite his resistance, the Toyotomi army overwhelms his forces.

Ujiyasu Hojo appears in the DLC level Heroes Collide, where he, Shingen, and Kenshin square off against Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu. The protagonist sides with the Kanto Three and must defeat the three unifiers of Japan.

Ujiyasu's story route in Sengoku Musou 3: Empires focuses on his efforts to protect the Hōjō from external threats. Content with his role as Kantō's protector, he has no interest in conquest and scorns Kai's suggestion of him doing so. His plot to corner the Imagawa results in a three-party alliance between him, Yoshimoto, and Shingen using their childrens' marriages with one another to seal the agreement. Yoshimoto's patronizing attitude and Shingen's easygoing personality exasperates him to no end, though he agrees to their plan to unify the land by marching to the capital on different routes. Along the way, Ujiyasu gains Kenshin's allegiance through battle before being met by the much larger Oda forces; the arrival of his brothers-in-law allows him to escape this ordeal.

As the three clans continue their march, the Date forces attack Ujiyasu's domain behind his back. After repelling the invaders with help from the Uesugi, the Hōjō leader learns of Nobunaga's alliance with theChōsokabe and Mōri to crush the former's allies. He rushes back to their aid and subjugates the Oda at Azuchi Castle. With the land under their rule, the triumvirate decide to spend some time together in Ujiyasu's home. While watching the others play kemari, Ujiyasu grouses at the prospect of managing the entire land his whole life, but decides to accept his new responsibilities. The story humorously ends with him losing his temper when Yoshimoto's stray ball hits him square in the face.

In Masamune's story, he consents to a treaty with the Date so long as his lands are kept secured. Ujiyasu praises the young warlord's ambitions while depreciating himself as a lion who cannot sleep without the ground. Their alliance formally ends after the Toyotomi's victory at Odawara, although Masamune makes good on his promise by avenging the Hōjō's loss and saving Kai.

Samurai Warriors 4 Ujiyasu starts as a promising power in the east who has family ties with the Imagawa. Seeking to expand his family's influence, he invades Kantō. The leading deputy, Norimasa Uesugi, flees to Echigo and pleads Kenshin for assistance. The Uesugi army surrounds Odawara Castle and causes the Hōjō to face imposing odds. Despite the disadvantage, Ujiyasu chooses to resist their subjugation with his family. Regardless of the battle's version or results, Ujiyasu agrees to a peace treaty with the Uesugi and commands for his son, Saburō, to be sent as a political hostage. Although aware of his son's displeasure, Kotarō suggests for his lord to become heartless for the greater good of his countrymen.

With peace established with the Uesugi, Ujiyasu's concerns are drawn towards westward with the Imagawa after Yoshimoto's demise. Ieyasu seeks to rebel at Kakegawa Castle and isolate Yoshimoto's heir, Ujizane. Ujiyasu rides with his forces to Ujizane's aid and are greeted by Naotora, their Imagawa representative. He quickly analyzes her uncertainties as being the Ii clan head, presenting her other choices made by others in the same situation. In either version of the battle, Naotora decides to serve Ieyasu afterwards and the Hōjō successfully defend Ujizane. Shingen's march towards the capital presents a looming threat for the Imagawa. Though aware of their ally's imminent fall, Ujiyasu ignores Kotarō's advice to abandon them and reinforces the Imagawa.

Their generosity leads to antagonizing the Takeda and the siege of Odawara. Ujiyasu and company are able to defend against the brute of the assault, yet his sons grow impatient. They try and fail to an attack on Shingen's rear flank, leading them to be precariously isolated from the main forces. Ujiyasu contemplates leaving them to focus on defending the castle until his daughter's declaration to protect her family moves him to act. With his family safe, Ujiyasu realizes he can't lie to his true nature and decides to keep fighting as he wills. Following Shingen and Nobunaga's deaths, Ujiyasu attempts to crush the Takeda remnants at Tenmokuzan and Kannagawa. He decides to lead the resistance against the Toyotomi forces years later at Oshi Castle and Odawara Castle. Ujiyasu dies of his wounds from his final battle.