Samurai Warriors Edit

In Samurai Warriors 2, Ujimasa appears as a generic general in a few battles. He appears in the Toyotomi's Siege of Odawara Castle on both West and East sides. On the West side, when the player makes it to the top of Odawara Castle, he will warp to the other side of the battlefield and charges to the Toyotomi's main camp. On the East side, he will still stay in the top together with Ujinao. In both scenarios, he relies heavily onKotarō's trickery to defend their home. He also appears inNagamasa's fictional Dream Stage, where he and a few other Hōjō generals battle alongside Shingen and Kenshin.

In Kotarō's story mode, the Hōjō rule the majority of the main land thanks to their vassal's unstoppable army. Ujimasa is pleased with being the land's new ruler but Kotarō, to amuse himself, decides to kill his master. Trapped in the highest level of the castle, Ujimasa attempts to flee and rally his forces. If he is quickly assassinated, Ieyasu and his men will appear on cue to attack the stranded Hojo generals. Should Ujimasa escape, Kotarō's army will see that their ploy has failed and their morale will weaken.