Takatora was originally a run-down wanderer who had no hopes for himself. When Nagamasa found him, he was fed and clothed and welcomed as an equal. Feeling indebted to his generous savior, Takatora swore a deep oath of loyalty to the Azai and swore to sacrifice everything for his masters. Nagamasa and Oichi appreciate his enthusiasm but gently instruct him to always focus on living. He treasures the sword Nagamasa gave him and the long handkerchief Oichi made for him, keeping them on his person at all times to remember his devotion to them. To repay them, he fights for the Azai atKanegasaki, Noda-Fukushima, and Tonesaka.

He tries yet ultimately fails to save Nagamasa from death. Takatora is encouraged by his memories to survive the age, making do by serving Hidenaga Hashiba and several other lords. He fights at Tedorigawa and Kōzuki Castle during his transition phases. With each lord, he extends the same loyalty he felt for Nagamasa in the hopes of finding a worthy master to serve; either his lord's distaste for his varied record or death by illness prematurely terminates their contracts.

His career decisions are partly driven by a grudge against Nobunaga and Hideyoshi whom he deems to have betrayed Nagamasa's core values. His presumptions eventually leads to his allegiance to Ieyasu at Komaki-Nagakute and Shikoku. During his testing phases to the Tokugawa, Takatora is impressed by Ieyasu's acceptance for him and his benign treatment of his followers. Feeling that he has at last found the lord he sought, he swears complete fealty to him. Takatora gladly aids Ieyasu for the rest of the wars and survives to enjoy the era of peaceful unification.

Samurai Warriors 4 reprises his origins and starting servitude to Nagamasa. He helps his lord's charge at Kannonji Castle, Kanegasaki, Noda-Fukushima, and Anegawa. Takatora knows Nagamasa means well, but he can't stop himself from sharing his skepticism with his friend, Yoshitsugu. They share similar sentiments regarding Nagamasa's character and decide to watch over their lord's end together. When their predictions of Nagamasa's death at Odani Castle come true, Takatora learns from his lord's death to value the wishes of the deceased. He therefore seeks to keep surviving the wars as his last pledge of loyalty to his lord. Since he loathes the Oda, Takatora is set on wandering again. He bids a fond farewell to Yoshitsugu, hoping that they will someday reunite on good terms.

He eventually learns of Ieyasu and agrees to serve under him after learning his ambitions. Once tensions rise between between his lord and Hideyoshi at Komaki-Nagakute, Takatora sends Yoshitsugu an invite to desert the Toyotomis and join him. For better or worse, his letter unknowingly causes trouble for his friend before the battle commences. Since he doesn't condone the Toyotomi's method of taking by force and can foresee their fall without Hideyoshi, Takatora continues to warn his friend to leave them before it is too late. He is happy when duty leads to his return to Yoshitsugu's side at Shikoku and Kyushu but worries that his friend will not change his mind. He only leaves the Tokugawa forces once to help with the Toyotomi subjugation of Ōshū, mainly to repay his debt to Hideyoshi for looking after Oichi and Yoshitsugu.

Despite his repeated warnings and pleas, Takatora's invites falls on deaf ears. The friends face one another as enemies at Sekigahara. He is unable to convince Yoshitsugu to survive, reluctantly acting as his friend's second for his honorable suicide during the defeated Western army's panic. As he makes a nameless grave for him, Takatora is encouraged by an innocuous Naotora to stay true to his ideals. When he later hears Kanetsugu's lamentations regarding his own dead friend, Takatora berates him to respect the dead by living in the present. They work together during the siege of Osaka Castle, helping to create the future their friends wanted.

His 4-II centric narrative shortens his time spent with the Azai to Odani Castle. Shortly after he parts ways with Yoshitsugu, Takatora swears into Nobusumi Tsuda's service and reunites with Oichi at Nagashino. Nobusumi is disappointed with Takatora and harshly belittles his lackluster performance. Oichi happens to oversee the encounter and immediately seeks to recommend him to Hidenaga. He protests the trouble it will cause his lord yet decides to trust her wisdom on the matter. When his duty leads to him joining the siege at Shizugatake, Takatora can't conceal his overwhelming sentiments for Oichi. He runs into the burning castle to save her and is pained to see he is too late. Katsuie passes on her last words for him: to live his life with pride.

Following her wishes, he continues his service to Hidenaga at Kyushu. Takatora predicts Hideyoshi's death will lead to more wars and longs to serve someone who will create unification that will last. Hidenaga would be worthy but he has fallen gravely ill. Takatora remembers Ieyasu from Nagashino and reflects that the lord's sentiments then have not changed. Resolving to realize the world of peace in Tokugawa service, he faces Yoshitsugu at Sekigahara. Takatora makes a grave for his departed friend and swears to fulfill his goal for their sakes.

Takatora stars in the second downloadable scenario. After the land's unification, Hidetada claims that Nobuyukiis harboring a treasured short sword (wakizashi) with a treasonous letter within it. Though skeptical, he works together with Hanzō to investigate. The rumor turns out to be true; the short sword is an irreplaceable family heirloom given to Nobuyuki by Ieyasu and the letter has Mitsunari's handwriting on it. Respecting Nobuyuki's wishes to remember the fallen, Takatora decides to strike the incident from the record.