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Kenshin is the known as the Dragon of Echigo who is rivals with his neighbor and "nemesis", Shingen. He first leads a campaign to defeat his adversary. After clashing wits and blades at Kawanakajima, he becomes further fascinated in seeing his rival's true colors in combat. Being the diplomatic one of the duo, however, Shingen has no interest in staying and turns the Hōjō against him. To counter, Kenshin invades Odawara Castle to single-handily deal with Ujimasa. Suspicious when Yukimura and Kunoichi are present within the castle, he learns from Ujimasa that the whole incident is a diversion from Shingen's march towards the capital. Speeding his troops immediately north in an attempt to pursue, the Uesugi face the Sanada at Ueda Castle. While Shingen makes a brief appearance on the field to save his men, he slips through Kenshin's grasp due toMasayuki's planning. Hoping to block Shingen's path by cutting to the west, Kenshin leads his men to put an end to the Oda at Gifu Castle. He has the option of impressing Keiji with his might, gaining another ally for his cause in the following battles.

If Kenshin takes too long, Shingen crosses into Owari and the rivals face one another at Anegawa. Determined to put an end to their differences once and for all, Kenshin slays the Takeda. In the midst of his overzealousness, he finally sees the war-driven expression he wanted from Shingen and is satisfied. However, in their duel, Kenshin kills Shingen and unexpectedly becomes the new ruler of the land. After praying for his success, he solemnly toasts to Shingen's burned war banner.

Should he deal with Nobunaga quickly, his efforts causes Shingen to abandon his march and the rivals decide to settle everything once more at Kawanakajima. Intent on only defeating his nemesis in combat, he routs the Takeda army and defends his men from Hanzō. With Shingen finally defeated, the elder one expects Kenshin to take his head. Kenshin, accepting his nemesis' qualities through their duel, shares a cup of wine with him and is content to leave the land in Shingen's hands.

In Samurai Warriors 2, he acts as a mentor for his son and Kanetsugu. After fighting several battles with Shingen, he wins the fourth encounter at Kawanakajima. With neither content to call it their final confrontation, they each returned to their own territory. Cleansing his home of bandits, he learns that Shingen is marching towards the capital. Refusing to have Nobunaga steal the glory of taking Shingen's life, he supports his nemesis at Nagashino. Understanding his Nemesis's plans, his army marched according to plan, and knew when to strike the Oda-Tokugawa forces. Parting ways to follow their own paths towards the capital, Nobunaga races his army to avenge their loss against Kenshin. Dispatching the stranded Oda troops and slaying Nobunaga at Tedorigawa, Shingen simultaneously dealt with Ieyasu. With both of their plans delayed, the rivals meet at Sekigahara and have a spirited showdown to see who shall rule the land. Enjoying the battle of wits with Shingen, he releases his prisoner and asks that they work together. To honor their new friendship, they join their hands with a single cup.

His dream stage has them conquer the rest of Japan. The last piece of their journey is Kyūshū, where they face the Shimazu and the remnants of the Oda clan.

Samurai Warriors: Katana has Kenshin appear in the Stealth scenario as the player's first opponent. Having taken Kawagoe Castle from the Hōjō, he bars the Fūma ninja from rescuing the imprisoned Tsunashige only to fail.

The third title dubs Kenshin as one of the three great powers in Kantō, sharing the right with Shingen andUjiyasu. Valuing duty and justice, he only rides into war to satisfy these simple desires with his older sister by his side. Defending Norimasa Uesugi against Ujiyasu at Odawara Castle, Kenshin simultaneously defeats him and Shingen. Merely content to fulfill his duty to Norimasa, however, he orders his troops to withdraw rather than take the castle for himself. Clashing with Shingen at Kawanakajima and winning the fourth conflict, he promises to someday show his sister what he truly seeks to achieve from his wars. As the conflicts within Kantō continue, the alliance between Shingen, Yoshimoto, and Ujiyasu begins to lose its influence. Taking advantage of the weakness, Shingen takes sides with Ieyasu and the two forces attack Suruga. The isolated Yoshimoto pleads for aid and Kenshin answers the call. Upon his defeat, Shingen decides to entrust his plans for leadership to Kenshin. Seeing on equal ground with Ujiyasu, who is now free from dealing with Yoshimoto, the wars within Kantō subside.

However, the upstart Nobunaga sets his sights on the Takeda soon after to wrestle control for himself. To stop him, Kenshin decides to ride towards Tedorigawa and is surprised to have his water attack countered by a fire attack on both armies. Unable to completely destroy Nobunaga, the Demon King quickly expands west by suppressing the Mōri and Chōsokabe clans. Intent on ending the evil threat, his army rides to Shizugatake. As he struggles, Shingen and Ujiyasu comes to his rescue. Uniting the land with his new comrades, his harmonious actions greatly please his older sister. She proudly congratulates his efforts with a glass of wine.

In Samurai Warriors Chronicles, Kenshin first appears in the third and fourth battles of Kawanakajima against Shingen Takeda. The Protagonist joins Kenshin in the third battle but opposes him in the fourth battle. After fighting in these indecisive battles, the Uesugi leader turns his attention further south in Kantō when Matsuyama Castle rebelled and joined the Hōjō. Unfortunately for him, he loses the battle and his control over Kantō becomes nonexistent. Despite these setbacks, Kenshin remains in command of a powerful army and next turns his consideration to the rising star of Nobunaga Oda. Kenshin managed to lure and trap the Oda forces at Tedorigawa, where he unleashed the dammed river's waters and greatly damaged Nobunaga's army. Despite this success, Kenshin grew ill shortly afterwards and died back home in Echigo. In the Gaiden stages, Kenshin appears at the beginning of the conflict of Otate, where he dies before he can choose which of his sons will replace him, only managing to say that Kage. . . will replace him, leaving both sons as an option for the legitimate heir and provoking a war of succession. He also fights in the DLC mission of Heroes Collidealongside Shingen and Ujiyasu, working together to overcome Nobunaga, Hideyoshi, and Ieyasu, the three unifiers of Japan.

His battle with Shingen at Kawanakajima is re-enacted during their respective stories in Sengoku Musou 3: Empires, though Kenshin's scenario places more importance to it. After establishing a brief alliance with the Oda, the Uesugi are free to prioritize their conflicts in Kantō. Kenshin receives the position of Kantō Kanrei from a desperate Norimasa and accepts Yoshikiyo Murakami's request to recover Shinano from the Takeda forces. Seeing through Shingen's woodpecker strategy, he counters it with his wheel formation which leads the two of them to clash momentarily before parting ways. Although their fight ends in a stalemate, both leaders come to acknowledge each other as equal rivals. While recovering their strength, Kenshin learns of the Takeda's salt deficiency and offers them some as a sign of respect for his nemesis.

Their rematch further cements their understanding of one another, but it tragically ends when Shingen succumbs to illness while visiting the capital. The Uesugi warlord mourns for his death and laments that no one could ever replace him. Unable to cope with his loss, he futilely tries to fulfill their promise for another rematch only to find himself crossing blades with Yukimura. He realizes the young warrior has inherited the will of his nemesis and gratefully takes him in as a disciple. Determined to make Shingen's vision of the land come true, he marches to Kyoto while defeating Nobunaga at Tedorigawa along the way. There, Kenshin successfully brings his rival's dream to fruition and drinks in solitude as the troops rally with the younger officers. He hopes to continue paving the way for the next generation as Shingen's spirit watches over him.

The story route of Ujiyasu has Kenshin form a friendship with the Hōjō leader after losing in battle. He jokingly suggests sending his sister to solidify their alliance much to Ujiyasu's dismay. When the Date threaten to invade Kantō while the Hōjō are away, it is Kenshin who helps keep them at bay.

Samurai Warriors 4 Kenshin begins as an influential power in the east with an ongoing rivalry with Shingen. He only marches into battle at the wishes of others, never for his own gain. When the Hōjō seek to expand and threaten the nobility in Kantō, they implore Kenshin for aid at Odawara Castle. Although he is weary of his nemesis's movements, Kenshin is honor bound to answer their plea and rides to intercept the Hōjō forces. Regardless of the version or outcome, the Hōjō and Uesugi agree to a peace treaty by sending Saburō Hōjō as a hostage to Uesugi. Kenshin stops the despondent youth from committing suicide when he arrives in Echigo. The Uesugi lord warmly welcomes the youth as one of his own, giving him a new family with the name Kagetora Uesugi. Throughout the Uesugi chapter, Kenshin acts as a receptive foster father for Kagetora.

As he had predicted, Shingen moves again in the north by capturing Kaizu Castle. The pleas of his family retainers leads to Kenshin's interception at Kawanakajima. Kenshin reads through Shingen's tactics in either version of the battle, proceeding to capture the northern mountain path for an ambush. Afterwards, Shingen perishes to illness and the Oda threaten the eastern provinces. Noto nobles request for Kenshin to defend them, leading to the clash at Tedorigawa. Prior to the battle, Kenshin notices Kagekatsu's uncertainty towards his brother and encourages him to be honest with his feelings. After the water attack drives Nobunaga back, the Uesugi family rejoices their victory in the camp. Moments before Kagetora openly voices his brotherly love towards Kagekatsu, Kenshin suddenly collapses. The narrative explains he later perishes due to illness.