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Keiji is a brazen wild man who feels most at home in a fight between warriors. He starts as an Oda officer at Ise-Nagashimayet deems Nobunaga's methods to be too brutal. WhenMagoichi and Shoukei attempt to surrender, Keiji has the option to intercept them and save the remaining rebels from annihilation. He accompanies his master to Nagashino but feels bored and uninterested with the new reliance on machinery in battle. Before taking his leave, he may also urge the promisingYukimura to not waste his life on a lost cause and may be treated to a short duel with the youth in gratitude. Deserting the Oda ranks, he wanders into Kyoto and unintentionally starts a brawl in the streets by failing to remember a man he previously wronged. Keiji makes Goemon's acquaintance and reminisces with Okuni. He may choose to completely cut ties with the Oda, telling them to withdraw from his fair fight. Even after the chaos in the capital, he still wants to fight so he leaves on another journey. With interests perked after hearing of Kenshin's exploits, he barges into the fight between the Uesugi and Hōjōat Odawara Castle. As he proceeds within the castle's keeps, he encounters Masamune and may choose to share empathetic sentiments for the young, plucky general.

Arriving before Kenshin at the top floor, he slays Ujimasa. Not long after the deed is done, he finally gets to see Kenshin in person. Keiji's admiration for Kenshin increases as he witnesses the elder general pay his respects for Ujimasa's body. Boastfully offering his services for Kenshin, Keiji is accepted into the Uesugi ranks. However, he is given nothing to do with his new service and spends his days dawdling around a mansion. He wonders if this is what he truly wanted with his life.

If Keiji chose to be consistently courteous to the enemies he faced during his journey, Kenshin will instead issue the would-be recruit a challenge for the samurai rank. He orders the wanderer to face the entire Uesugi army by himself atKawanakajima. As Keiji proceeds with the test, Magoichi, Yukimura, Goemon, Okuni, and Masamune gradually appear to repay the kindness they experienced -excluding Goemon who was dragged there by Okuni. Winning the contest with his rag-tag army, Kenshin concedes defeat to the real strength that Keiji now possesses. As Kenshin takes his leave, Keiji is happy to spend his life with his new comrades.

His story in the second title begins during the height of Hideyoshi's time of power. After serving in the siege of Odawara Castle, the land is in disarray once more when the unifier dies. With several Toyotomi vassals defecting to serve the uprising Ieyasu, Keiji decides to help the undermanned loyalists rescue Mitsunari in the capital. Befriending Kanetsugu from the conflict and joining the Uesugi, they return to Echigo together to learn that pirates invaded their territory. To let off some steam from their uneventful trip, Keiji volunteers to suppress them for the common folk. His reward for his deed is the pacification of the seas and Kanetsugu's heartfelt appreciation. Years later, Kanetsugu leads the army east in an attempt to drive Ieyasu's forces in a pincer. The plan fails with Mitsunari's defeat at Sekigahara, and he flees from the pursuing Masamune. In spite of facing certain death, Keiji rides alone to guard his friend's retreat at Hasedō. Although they hear news of Mitsunari's demise, he stops his friend from committing suicide to join their ally in the afterlife. Inspired to avenge their loss, he accompanies Kanetsugu as they immediately charge Hidetada at Edo Castle. Together with Masayuki and Yukimura's reinforcements, they hurry to take the castle before Ieyasu's return from Sekigahara. Winning the battle, he continues to rout the remaining Tokugawa troops in his path, leaving the diplomatic matters of the new world to his friend.

In his dream stage, Hideyoshi and Ieyasu can't agree which warrior is the strongest between Keiji and Tadakatsu. To solve their differences, they stage a mock battle between both warriors at Odani Castle. Yukimura and Kanetsugu reinforce his charge through the Tokugawa and Date troops. Once he defeats Ieyasu, he is given the privilege to fight Tadakatsu and is donned the greatest warrior in the land when he wins.

Samurai Warriors: Katana has Keiji make his first appearance in the Swordsman scenario where he leaves the Uesugi's side to resume traveling before residing at Tōhoku. During his stay there, rumors of his strength cause many of the local warlords including Masamune to vie for the wild warrior's services. To resolve this, he proposes a series of trials to decide which among them deserves his attention. The protagonist joins the contest and wins, though he does so in order to make the warrior accept his challenge to a duel. Keiji concedes his own defeat and asks the player to help Yukimura at Ōsaka Castle.

During the Unification scenario, he and the Uesugi lead a dire resistance against the Tokugawa in Hasedō before receiving aid from the story's protagonist. He may reward the player if their KO score is higher than his. After crossing the border to safety, Keiji and his friends join the protagonist's army to express their gratitude. His contributions in the Battle of Sekigahara include clearing enemy troops at the center and dueling with Tadakatsu to render Ieyasu defenseless.

Samurai Warriors 3 revisits his service in the Oda, this time being ordered by Nobunaga to serve under his uncle, Toshiie. Accompanying Toshiie into the contention between Nagamasa and Nobunaga at Anegawa, Keiji acts on his own and charges through the Asakura ranks. His antics earns him a harsh scolding from Toshiie, who yells at him to get back in formation. With Nagamasa's death, Nobunaga continues to conquer the land until his death at Honnōji. Years later, Keiji follows Toshiie to Shizugatake to defend his uncle's respected mentor,Katsuie, from Hideyoshi's siege. However, Toshiie has a change of heart when he further contemplates the justifications for Hideyoshi's rise to power and defects to strike down his mentor. Left with Katsuie's final wish to take care of Toshiie, Keiji tells his uncle to realize his honest motivation in life and learn from Katsuie's example. Dunking his uncle in a puddle of water to clear Toshiie's senses, Keiji declares his formal leave of the Maeda household.

While Toshiie continues to assist Hideyoshi's conquests for unification, Keiji lives as a rōnin. Each of the powers of the land eventually gather under the conqueror to suppress Ujiyasu, the final opposition to his rule. Wanting to take part in the grand battle for peace, Keiji participates in the siege at Oshi Castle. After a brief reunion with Toshiie, he makes his acquaintance with Kanetsugu and is impressed by the young man's loyalty to the Uesugi over Hideyoshi. Interested by the younger man's quips, he invites himself into the Uesugi. Although peace was briefly sustained by his uncle after Hideyoshi's death, Toshiie's passing due to illness spurs the Toyotomi ranks into internal rebellion. As Kanetsugu hurries to Kyoto to place Mitsunari in Ieyasu's safe care, an indignant Keiji supports to protect his uncle's legacy. The positive relations between Mitsunari and Ieyasu soon dissolves into a conflict for the right to rule; Ieyasu eventually sends Masamune to deal with the opposing Kanetsugu. Preparing to die to protect his lord, Keiji declares Hasedō to be his last battle. Though he slays Masamune, troops from the Eastern Army are fast approaching due to Mitsunari's defeat at Sekigahara. Boldly riding with one of Toshiie's spears in hand, he is surprised to see Kanetsugu and his troops hurry to his aid. Seeing the friendly support as a sign, he decides to continue living for the future conflicts ahead.

Samurai Warriors Chronicles has Keiji following his historical route, fighting largely for the Maeda clan and then the Uesugi clan. He participates in the battle of Shizugatake, where he is driven off by Hideyoshi's forces and begins his career as a wonderer. His travels eventually lead him to fight on Yukimura's side in the first battle of Ueda castle, building a friendship with both Yukimura and Kanetsugu in the process. This friendship causes him to join Hideyoshi's unification efforts at Oshi Castle, being one of the many officers defending the dikes from attack. By the fourth chapter, Keiji staunchly supports Naoe's efforts at the battle of Hasedo, where he defends the Uesugi retreat. Despite these efforts, the Uesugi are defeated and reduced to a minor clan. Once again left without purpose, Keiji eventually finds himself on the side of the Tokugawa fighting the last remains of the Toyotomi resistance, including his friend Yukimura.

In the Gaiden stage Trouble in the Capital, where he and Okuni celebrate Kyoto's riot with the protagonist by recruiting rioters into Okuni's musical troupe, competing against Yoshimoto Imagawa's efforts to recruit for his Kameri Team.

Sengoku Musou 3: Empires has Keiji make a short appearance in Hideyoshi's story where he persuades Toshiie to get over his indecisiveness the night before they face the Hashiba forces at Shizugatake.

Keiji is the man with the right to lead the Maeda in Samurai Warriors 4. Though duty dictates his presence atOkehazama, he mainly lives for the thrill of facing overwhelming odds. Upon noticing Toshiie's crestfallen state throughout the battle, Keiji pitches in with the request for Nobunaga to forgive him. The Maeda fight together for their lord's path to the capital, the nephew seemingly taking charge of their actions. Keiji's seat for Meada leadership is spontaneously seceded when Nobunaga grants it to Toshiie. Though surprised by the change, Keiji is supportive of his uncle's new responsibility and congratulates him. He stays with the Oda main forces —fighting for them at Kanegasaki, Tedorigawa, Nagashino, and Kii Province— until he is assigned to Kazumasu Takigawa's ranks. Keiji bids farewell to Toshiie before leaving.

While serving under Kazumasu, Keiji is glad to clash blades with the Sanada brothers again. He rejoices Yukimura's vigor from Nagashino and imparts his blunt impressions to Nobuyuki when they fight again at Tenmokuzan. Keiji gets a chance to speak with them when Kazumasu allies with the Sanada at Kannagawa. He jovially introduces another perspective in life to Yukimura, yet Keiji warns Nobuyuki that the younger brother's warrior spirit will inevitably lead to his death in battle. A year later, Keiji leaves Kazumasu to support his uncle at Shizugatake. He splashes freezing water on Toshiie after Katsuie dies and talks him out of his slump. When his uncle barks back in anger, Keiji rejoices his renewed spirit and resumes his travels.

Predicting that Hideyoshi's forces will someday head east and seeking to have a good fight, Keiji wanders with Magoichi towards Oshu. He joins the Date at Koriyama and is amused by Masamune's drive. With the young lord's permission, Keiji stays for the big brawl against the Toyotomi forces. If the player uses him for the third stage in the Tohoku chapter, Keiji can briefly reunite with Toshiie.

As favor sides with Ieyasu years later, Keiji decides to leave Oshu. Keiji wishes to have his last hurrah in war within the east but doesn't wish to fight for a sure cause. He remembers being impressed with Kagekatsu's presence at Tedorigawa and swears his allegiance to the Toyotomi-bound-Uesugi. Before the war at Hasedō commences, Keiji thanks Masamune and gives his well wishes for a good fight. Regardless of the battle's conclusion, Mitsunari's defeat leads to the Uesugi's surrender to Ieyasu. Kagekatsu rewards Keiji's efforts with a personal manor, and Keiji uses it to immediately retire. While he enjoys and prepares himself for the coming era of peace, Keiji offers his condolences to a visiting Kanetsugu. He is content to leave the era's final war to Yukimura.