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During his Samurai Warriors 2 and Empires appearance, Katsuie is Nobunaga's rough talking, spear wielding warrior. He appears as one of the guards for the Oda main camp at Anegawa and needs to be defeated to unlock the doors to their camp. Stubbornly, he will not allow anyone to pass even after his defeat. Katsuie also makes a bold charge for the Kingo ward during the Siege of Odani Castle, rushing past any Azai general in the lower part of the map. With Hideyoshi, he is also one of the starting Oda generals at Tedorigawa. However, his all-out assault drags his allies into Kenshin's flood attack and causes several casualties before Nobunaga arrives. Ashamed, he tries to redeem his reputation by taking Kenshin's head. In Mitsuhide's dream stage, he is one of the members of the coalition who oppose Mitsuhide. He can also be obtained as a bodyguard by defeating Oichi on one of the survival floors.

Samurai Warriors: Katana re-enacts Katsuie's feud with Hideyoshi during the Savior scenario. When his enemy is too preoccupied by an angry Nene to fight back, he directs his hostility to Magoichi and the protagonistinstead. Unable to best them, the warrior retreats while lamenting the end of his lord's clan. In Trial Mode, he appears in the Plum Room awaiting the player as their final opponent.

In Samurai Warriors 2: Xtreme Legends, Katsuie continues to faithfully serve in his lord's campaigns and becomes Toshiie's mentor. Both he and Toshiie fight as comrades to defend their lord at Okehazama. Staying by Nobunaga's side and parting ways with his young admirer, Katsuie assists the offensive at Nagashino and Odani Castle. Katsuie is sympathetic to Oichi's plight during the latter conflict and the player may choose to rescue her in a special mission. Following the Azai clan's fall, he participates in the end of the Takeda clan. During an evening drinking session with his lord, Katsuie admits his awareness of Toshiie's diverging interest and future. When an intrigued Nobunaga presses him, Katsuie's answers his lingering desire for Toshiie is to show his protege a true warrior's death. An amused Nobunaga decides to leave Katsuie in guard of Echizen, which hampers the vassal from hurrying to his lord's rescue at Honnōji.

Feeling that his era is coming to an end, Katsuie leads a resistance against his former comrade, Hideyoshi. Although Toshiie came rushing to his home to aid him, Katsuie denies his request with strained reluctance. Making a brave stand at Shizugatake, he and Oichi fend off Hideyoshi's army. However, they are unable to match their opponent's reinforcements. Katsuie retreats to his castle and burns his home. He stays within the smoking ruins, leaving the new age to be lead by his "son". Whilst inside, Katsuie toasts to his lord.

His dream stage is a "what-if?" scenario of Katsuie saving Nobunaga from Honnōji. The fire has started and Nobunaga's remaining warriors, Nō and Ranmaru, are heavily surrounded by Mitsuhide's troops. Katsuie must force his way through the enemy and carve out an escape route for Nobunaga.

Though he has no personal story within the third title, Katsuie continues to act as a steadfast general within Nobunaga's ranks. He assists the Oda army at Okehazama, Inabayama Castle and Odani Castle throughout various characters' Story Modes. Katsuie is again the main target at Tedorigawa and falls at Shizugatake, challenging his opposition and Hideyoshi's "children" to best him in combat. When Toshiie betrays him, Katsuie harbors no ill will towards the youth.

Katsuie's scenario in Sengoku Musou 3: Moushouden mentions his past history with Toshiie with a bit more detail. Toshiie performed a reckless stint that had him kicked out of the Oda's service. Abandoned by all others, Katsuie was the only one who didn't turn his back on him. Eternally thankful for Katsuie's kindness when he enters the Oda's service again, he follows Katsuie to Okehazama. Whilst there, the elder remains calm and scolds Hideyoshi and Toshiie when they act with conduct not befitting a warrior. Still at his lord's service, Katsuie joins the front at Inabayama Castle. During these two conflicts, Katsuie keeps a protective eye on Oichi, even though she is enamored by Nagamasa.

However, when Nagamasa betrays the Oda family, he sends Oichi back to the Oda. Katsuie is aware of the maiden being heartbroken but, since he is one born to stay true to his duty above all else, feels incapable of comforting her through gentle means. Therefore, he helps pave a path through the Azai troops to join Nagamasa's side during the siege of Odani Castle. Although Katsuie meant well, Hideyoshi takes advantage of the gesture of kindness, aware that Oichi's sudden presence would just cause confusion amongst the Azai forces. Facing Nagamasa in the castle, the lord of Odani refuses reconciliation with his wife and asks Katsuie to take care of her before he dies. With Nagamasa fallen by his hand, Oichi attempts to keep a respectful composure as she congratulates Katsuie. He bluntly tells her to be honest with her feelings before him, as a "demon lacking tears" can bear them for her. Giving in to his offer, Oichi finally breaks down and cries.

After the conflict, Katsuie becomes the main commander to deal with the still impending threat of Kenshin's forces marching against Nobunaga at Tedorigawa. Falling victim to Kenshin's tactical water attack, Katsuie is soon reinforced by Nobunaga's forces. Among them is Oichi, who after losing Nagamasa, searches for her new path in life. Though isolated, Katsuie fights his way through the field to protect his lord, comrades, and Oichi from danger. After the water level drops, Nobunaga orders a fire attack to engulf both his enemies and allies. Although other Oda vassals voice their confusion and disillusions, Katsuie remains focused on his duty and drives the Uesugi back. Not too soon afterwards, Nobunaga dies at Honnōji and is avenged by Hideyoshi. As Hideyoshi and Katsuie encounter difficulties accepting one another's ideologies, Hideyoshi attempts peace by initiating a political marriage between Katsuie and Oichi.

Even so, the gap of their hostilities is too deep to mend, and Katsuie stubbornly believes that his path is the only one he can take. He doesn't expect his war-bound path to conform well with Hideyoshi's peaceful intentions and can't guarantee his own survival in the new age. Therefore, before their showdown at Shizugatake, Katsuie asks his wife to escape for her safety and opposes Hideyoshi with Toshiie's support. All appears to be going according to plan until Mitsunari convinces Toshiie to join Hideyoshi's dream and defects. When this occurs, Oichi appears to protect Katsuie, stating that she fights to no longer lose anyone else dear to her. Expecting himself to die in a blaze of glory, Katsuie dares Toshiie and Hideyoshi to overpower him for their dreams. What he didn't foresee was them mortally falling by his own hand. Finding his own path of life meaningless in the new age, he sheds tears for their deaths. Oichi comforts him by quoting Hideyoshi's line of several opportunities being available in life, thinking that there must be a philosophy fit for Katsuie.

During Nobunaga's scenario in Sengoku Musou 3: Empires, his relationship with Toshiie is toned down in favor of the latter's growing empathy for Ranmaru, though he does acknowledge the youth's disposition to question orders if it helps their lord. Hideyoshi's story has Katsuie join the Toyotomi after his defeat at Shizugatake. Still unsure of his place in the new era, the veteran's doubts are assuaged by Nene who holds a feast to cheer him up.

Samurai Warriors 4 Katsuie is considered a hardened veteran even at the start of the main narrative. Realizing the potential within the youth, he forces Toshiie to join the Oda ranks and pleads for his return at Okehazama. He fights in nearly every one of Nobunaga's campaigns and is publicly recognized by his lord for his efforts. Throughout these battles, Katsuie watches over Toshiie's progress, reaffirming the youth's focus when and if it wavers.

Oichi remains a great if secondary concern for him, ever since her first battle at Okehazama. Katsuie continues to worry for her safety even when she marries Nagamasa. He voices his protests when Nagamasa appears doomed at Odani Castle, asking her to leave him at once. Since he feels inept to help her overcome her husband's death, Katsuie made an oath to act as her guardian to at least protect her from external injuries. He believes that doing so respects Nagamasa's true wish for her: to treasure her life and keep living. Katsuie announces his self-made pledge to a saddened Oichi at Nagashino, worried that she is forcing herself on the Oda war front. He understands that Oichi is still mourning Nagamasa and keeps a respectful distance from her at all times.

Hideyoshi becomes the leading head of power after he avenges Nobunaga's death. Katsuie and other Oda veterans dispute his decision to name Nobunaga's grandson, Sanbōshi, as the Oda's successor. They believe his third son, Nobutaka, would be a better match due to his maturity. Katsuie is particularly sensitive to Oichi's reaction over the matter, feeling he should protect her from the political dispute. Hideyoshi attempts to remove discord by uniting Katsuie and Oichi in a political marriage, but his ploy falls apart by the next year. When Katsuie stands at Shizugatake, he fights to die for what he believes is the last facet of Nobunaga's era. Defeated by Hideyoshi's army, Katsuie leaves the battlefield and sets fire to Kitanosho Castle. As he prepares his final resting place, Katsuie believes Oichi is beside him solely due to obligation and implores her to save herself. The general is touched to learn her real reason for staying, apologizing to her before they perish in the flames.

Moments before his death in 4-II, Katsuie is confronted by a furious Takatora who blames him for causing Oichi's demise. He calmly relays his wife's wishes for the warrior to live on, causing Takatora to break down in tears. The Blossom Shower Story interrupts the married couple's final goodbyes to one another with Graciaand company's intrusion. Gracia believes Katsuie meets the wild card request made by her mentor and hypnotizes him with her magic to become the only male idol of their group. Katsuie acts uncharacteristically social under the effects of her spell, but he and his wife survive Shizugatake to dance on stage with the rest of the idols.