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Samurai Warriors Edit

In Samurai Warriors, he appears in Masamune's version ofOdawara to try to punish the boy commander for his interference.

Kagetora appears at Tetorigawa in the third title, where he andKanetsugu head towards the northwest fortress. His only use in the battle is to gain a tactical bonus of cutting Toshiie's health in half. He joins forces with Katsuyori for the civil war against his brother in Aya's Moushouden Story Mode. During the stage, Kagetora is portrayed as a stern commander who is easily panicked by his brother's supporters. He is grateful for his mother-in-law's aid, yet he is unaware that she sides with him primarily to test her disciple's convictions not due to her faith in him.

The fourth title first introduces him during the Kantō chapter as Saburō Hōjō. He is Lady Hayakawa's younger brother who thinks highly of his family. Young, impetuous and eager to please, Saburō charges head first into danger during the fight against Kenshin. The player is asked to save him from the Uesugi troops. After the battle to defend Kantō concludes, Saburō becomes a political hostage to the Uesugi as a part of a peace treaty. Ujiyasu bluntly explains that it is for the sake of Hōjō followers.

During the Uesugi chapter, the idea of being abandoned by his biological father upsets him to the point he wishes to commit suicide. Kenshin stops Saburō from throwing his life away and gives the sullen lad a place to call home by adopting him. Antagonistic ties between the two families end when he is known as Kagetora Uesugi. As he helps his new family fight at Kawanakajima and Tedorigawa, Kagetora is moved by Kenshin andAya's kindness towards him and wishes to repay them. Yet he feels slightly jealous of Kagekatsu since he has the honor of being biologically related to them and struggles to communicate with his stern faced brother.

When Kenshin suddenly dies to illness, the fight for the successor commences. Using his family alliances to his advantage, Kagetora hails for reinforcements from Ujiyasu, Katsuyori and Masamune. He is surprised yet moved when Aya comes to support his siege of Kasugayama Castle, realizing that her comfort is meant to cushion the blow of his inevitable defeat. Resolving himself to his fate, Kagetora rides into battle when Aya is defeated and falls against Kagekatsu's forces. With his dying breaths, he thanks his brother for letting him die with his Uesugi pride and roots.