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Hideyoshi starts as a simple general under Nobunaga, first serving as a vassal at Inabayama Castle. He builds the one-night castle at Sunomata and gives the signal for Mino Trio to defect when he storms inside the castle. Once Mino is under Nobunaga's rule upon Yoshitatsu's defeat, the Oda army moves onto to conquer Echizen. The moment he is on the verge of victory against the Asakura, the Azai suddenly betray Nobunaga and forces the invader to retreat. As their lord flees, Hideyoshi volunteers for the rear guard. When Magoichi asks him why, Hideyoshi admits that he wants to be promoted under Nobunaga so that he can one day have the power to do something great for the people. He asks Magoichi to help him with his vision and the mercenary agrees. After they work together to defeat Nagamasa and Yoshikage's armies, they safely retreat together back to the capital. Years after, Nobunaga decides to crush the Honganji Rioters and the Saika Renegades, marching to Sakai where Magoichi awaits them. Hideyoshi wants to see the land of peace his lord desires, but not at the cost of so many lives. When the mercenary attempts to snipe Nobunaga, Hideyoshi is given the mission to stop him.

If Hideyoshi fails, Nobunaga is shot and confusion spreads throughout the battlefield. It then becomes a manhunt on Magoichi's head and as well as the complete annihilation of every rebel present. After the battle, Hideyoshi meets his beaten friend to tell him that he's giving up on his original dream. Several of his allies begin to notice that he is beginning to resemble Nobunaga. Even with his menacing parting words, the sniper refuses to give up on Hideyoshi and tries to stop him from becoming a tyrant. After he slays Mitsuhide atHonnoji, Hideyoshi immediately resumes his attacks on the Mōri. Consumed with ambition, he abruptly makes peace with them and hurries back to Azuchi Castle to slay Nobunaga. Killing Magoichi, many Oda officers, and Nobunaga signals the end of his dream for universal happiness.

Should Hideyoshi prevent the sniping at Sakai, he instead insists that his friend surrender to prevent a massacre. After his defeat, Magoichi relents to Hideyoshi's wishes and once again joins his friend's side. When Nobunaga is killed at Honnoji, Hideyoshi hurries to intercept Mitsuhide's army at Yamazaki. His forces appear before Mitsuhide arrives so they use their time to defeat Toshimitsu Saitō and claim Mount Tenno. Avenging his lord, Hideyoshi unifies the land and becomes the supreme ruler. However, Ieyasu despises him and rebels at Komaki-Nagakute. With Magoichi and Keiji's help, Hideyoshi routs his rival. He asks for Ieyasu's surrender and the land is at peace.

Samurai Warriors 2 details his life as a conqueror as he starts his story by avenging his lord's death at Yamazaki. Hideyoshi then swears to make a land where everyone can be happy and fights to quell misgivings in battles. Oichi, who disagrees with Hideyoshi's rise to power, convinces Katsuie to attack him at Shizugatake. He barely wins over them and fights with Ieyasu for right of the land. In order to completely conquer the land, Hideyoshi then heads toward Kyushu to subdue the powerful family on the island, the Shimazu. Gaining hisTachibana and Shimazu allies, his forces are larger than ever before. Left opposing him are the Hōjō and theDate families. As Hideyoshi begins to surround Odawara Castle, Masamune surrenders before the siege. WithUjimasa and his son dead, the land is unified and Hideyoshi's dreams are realized.

In his dream stage, a curious Hideyoshi fakes his death after the land's unification to see who among his vassals are truly loyal to him. Mitsunari stands loyally for the Toyotomi family, but he falters against Ieyasu's troops at Sekigahara. Hideyoshi makes his presence known and rides to punish the ones who betrayed him and his family. With Hideyoshi alive, the Mōri generals remain loyal to the Western army. Insulted by his trick, however, Yoshihiro and Ginchiyo switch sides. Even when he wins, Hideyoshi begins to worry about what will happen when he actually dies.

Additionally, a special request in Survival Mode also depicts a summarized scenario of his progression to a daimyo. Successfully completing the scenario rewards the Greed skill available for purchase at shop.

In Samurai Warriors: Katana, Hideyoshi serves as the player's mentor during the first half of the Ascendancy scenario, helping ease their transition to battle. In turn, his plan to attack the Imagawa garrison undetected is made possible by the new recruit assisting him. They cooperate once more at Nagashino to entrap the fleeingKatsuyori. As a result, Hideyoshi's camaraderie with the protagonist grows to the point where he asks the latter to keep watch over Nobunaga while heading west to secure more lands. His request saves their lord from certain death at Honnōji, causing the vassal to view the player as his equal. He also contributes to the Oda's final victory at Sekigahara by launching the signal fire to trigger an ambush against the opposing warlords. With the land unified under Nobunaga's rule, he thanks his former apprentice for letting him reach this far.

The other stories place more focus on Hideyoshi's less savory actions. His conquest of Kyūshū in the Swordsman scenario goes nowhere due to the protagonist's support of the Shimazu-Tachibana coalition. Throughout the Savior scenario, he takes great pains to fulfill his desire for Oichi only to be constantly foiled by Nene and the Saika mercenaries. The Unification scenario has him form an alliance with the Tokugawa to curb the player's growing faction. Despite setting Kyōto on fire to weaken the opposing army, he fails to overcome their tenacity and is forced to surrender his lands to them. In the Wisteria Room level of Trial Mode, he hires a ninja to steal Nene's savings so he can use it as capital to earn more money. Displeased with Hideyoshi's duplicity, his wife allows the player to hit him as many times as they can to earn additional gold.

In Samurai Warriors 3, Hideyoshi is mentioned to have been a sandal bearer for Nobunaga. However, his master saw his worth and promoted him as a general. Enthusiastic with his master and swearing to follow him anywhere, he assists the front at Okehazama by distracting the Imagawa army away from the ambush party and by convincing Ieyasu to become independent. After Nobunaga gains a reputation for himself, he decides to invade Mino. As Hanbei acts as the de facto leader at Inabayama Castle, Hideyoshi is given the task of capturing it with his wife, Nene. Telling Kanbei to set fire to the castle, Hideyoshi routs Mitsuhide. However, he realizes that it's a trap and escapes to avoid having his plan work against him. As the Saitō army scatters, Hideyoshi meets Hanbei in person and is amused by the younger strategist's wit. He offers Hanbei to serve him for a world where everyone can be happy and the impressed strategist jokingly amends it to better fit his own ideal.

After he protects Nobunaga's safe escape at Kanegasaki, time passes and Nobunaga dies at Honnoji while Hideyoshi is subjugating Chugoku and Shikoku. Provoked by Kanbei to seek his own vision for the land, Hideyoshi drops the campaigns and hurries back to the capital. Confronting his rival at Yamazaki, Mitsuhide claims that he still wants to make a world that Nobunaga had desired. Dissatisfied, Hideyoshi declares that anyone without a dream of their own design has no right to rule. With this same determination, he also defeats Ieyasu at Komaki-Nagakute. Although he knows that his vision of the land is the same as Nobunaga's dream, he refuses to follow his master's methods by taking the rebellious Ieyasu's head. Instead, he helps his old comrade to his feet and asserts his determination to live his own path in life.

Sengoku Musou 3: Empires includes Hideyoshi in several story routes. During Nobunaga's story, he acts as a confidant for the inexperienced Toshiie and often reins in his friend's worst instincts. Masamune's story has him see the Date warlord in person after having his summons ignored several times. Already aware of the young man's newly-established ties with the Hōjō, his plan is to ruin it by making him join the Toyotomi instead. However, he fails to anticipate Masamune finding a loophole to their agreement by sending one of his retainers to help capture Oshi Castle while the latter himself goes to the Hōjō clan's aid. In Ieyasu's own story route, he personally entrusts his dying wishes to the Tokugawa leader before passing away.

Hideyoshi's exploits are repeated in his story route, though his desire to redeem the Akechi and Shibata is also fulfilled. When his victory at Komaki-Nagakute fails to weaken the Tokugawa, Hideyoshi's humble appeal towards his enemy is enough to earn him Ieyasu's loyalty and respect. After subjugating the Hōjō and Date, he and his followers celebrate their victory by engaging themselves in a game of human shogi.

In the fourth title, Hideyoshi reprises role of fighting at Okehazama at the beginning of the story. After the battle is over, he along with Katsuie plead for Toshiie to be forgiven by Nobunaga and accepted back into the army. When the Oda prepare for their march the for the capital, he calls upon the aid of Magoichi to help take part of the confrontation. He tells his mercenary friend that he hopes this battle will be the first step to realize his dreams for a land where everyone can be happy. Hideyoshi starts the battle by ordering the construction of Sunomata Castle which can be hastened by protecting the engineers from Goemon. He gains success from the rest of the battle by seeing through Kanbei's strategies, intimidating the Mino Trio into surrendering and helps capture Hisahide.

Wanting to add Hanbei to his side, Hideyoshi goes to see the young strategist personally with Kanbei. Hanbei accepts the offer but has three conditions for Hideyoshi. He complies to the first two, yet hesitates when the third condition is said as he isn't sure if he can bring himself to sacrifice others for his dream.