Samurai Warriors Edit

Hideyori generally appears as the leader at Osaka Castle in the series. In Samurai Warriors, he is withheld from battle by his retainer, Harunaga Ono. However, if Yukimura successfully defends the main keep, he will eventually ride out to battle. During Hanzō's scenario, he withdraws into the castle and his generals guard his escape. Although his doubles attempt to stall Hanzō from finding his location, Yukimura reveals that he committed suicide off-screen.

In Samurai Warriors 2, he's kept in the top floor of Osaka Castle. Yukimura will request for him to join the castle's defense, something that Hideyori will agree to in due time. Once Yukimura reclaims the Sanada ward fromKanetsugu, he will charge into battle. In the Eastern Army scenarios, a double will take his place in the castle. Once the double dies, Hideyori will attempt to retreat. He needs to be defeated in order to claim victory. DuringMasamune's dream stage, his appearance at Sekigahara causes several former Toyotomi generals to join theWestern army. In Ginchiyo's story mode, Hideyori also acts as the main commander of the eastern camp when the Western army corners Yoshihiro at Yamazaki. In Musashi's story mode, Hideyori is seen escaping Nijo Castle after being plotted by the Tokugawa for assassination. Musashi lures the Tokugawa vagabonds by pretending to be Hideyori whilst the real Hideyori escapes alongside Kiyomasa Katō.

Since his mother is one of Oichi's daughters, he will address her and Nagamasa as his grandparents inSamurai Warriors 2: Empires.

In Samurai Warriors 3, he appears as a more cowardly commander at Osaka Castle and is often assasinated by Hanzō, or he retreats from battle leaving command to Yukimura or is replaced by other characters such asNene in Hanzō's story. He often apologises when dying with his last breath about not being able to cherish the Toyotomi name.

During the second Empires entry, Hideyori's concern for others is prominently shown in Ieyasu's story. Unwilling to let Mitsunari and the others die for their defiance, he agrees to secede control over the land to the Tokugawa and convinces his followers to leave the country so they can rebuild the Toyotomi elsewhere.

In Samurai Warriors 4, he resumes his role from earlier titles, but is more willing to participate in battle. He is also given personalized cutscenes during Story Mode. In the Sanada scenario, he entrusts Yukimura in guarding the Toyotomi's army, legacy, and life.